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How do I make the reCaptcha image display using Safari when I access SWP Checkout in an embedded iframe?

If you see a white panel after selecting the "I'm not a robot" reCaptcha checkbox, you'll need to update your browser to Safari 12.1.2 or higher. Safari version 12.1.1 has issues properly displaying the reCaptcha verification when you access SWP Checkout in a nested iframe greater than 512px. If you continue to experience problems after updating your browser version, consider the following additional solutions:

  1. Search Google for the "512px Safari iFrame reCaptcha Workaround." The reCaptcha verification may work inside an iframe that is 512px or less. 
  2. Inject the following header inside the iframe:
     <style type="text/css">.rc-image-tile-wrapper{transition: auto !important}</style>

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