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AlarmBiller Software Credentials User Guide

Please follow the below steps after the Integration team completes your client token transfer:

1. Generate the API Access ID and the API Secure Key from the Dex Portal (click here details on accessing credentials in Dex)

To create a new set of API credentials, complete the following steps:

  • Access the API Credentials Datagrid by clicking Developer > API Credentials.
  • Click the Create button. The Create API Credentials Screen displays.
  • Enter an easy-to-remember name for your API credentials set into the Name field.
  • Click the Create New API Key button. The Access ID and Secure Key fields display along with a Copy button so that you can easily copy the values to your code.
  • Click the Back link to return to the API Credentials Datagrid.

 2.  Add your credentials into AlarmBiller application

  • Open your Alarmbiller application
  • Select “Setup” to navigate to the AlarmBiller Setup Tables
  • Select the “eCheck/Credit Card” button

3. Fill-in all required fields:

  • Organization ID – Comes from the top left corner of DEX
  • Location ID – Merchant ID # from Forte (Forte Portal)
  • API Access ID -   Created and copied over from DEX
  • API Secure Key – Created and copied over from DEX

4. Click "save" to complete the process

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