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PaySimple - SedonaOffice & AlarmBiller Merchant's Account Set Up Guide

Congratulations on your new merchant account! As a reminder, this account is in relation to the correspondence you received from PaySimple. 

Please review the below details for more information on how to get started:

Part 1: New Account Application Process Overview

Step 1:    You will receive a campaign notice from Paysimple, and complete the associated application. Upon agreeing to the terms and conditions you will need to sign the client data transfer form.

Step 2:    Forte will review the application and if approved, the following steps will apply. If declined, you will receive a decline notice with information on any applicable follow up steps.

Step 3:    Upon approval you will be assigned a new location ID (aka MID) and will be emailed a Dex invite from

Step 4:    To access Dex, you will need to follow the steps outlined in the invite to complete your account registration and retrieve processing credentials that are located in the Dex portal.  

Please Note: You should continue processing under your existing Forte Merchant ID until the below steps are completed and the new credentials are plugged into your software

Part 2: Token Data Transfer & Credentials Sync Overview

Step 1:  Within a week of approval, you will receive a Calendly invite from the Sedona team which will allow you to schedule a 30-minute session with both Sedona and Forte Integration team to complete the client token transfer from your existing MID to your new MID.

Step 2:  On the call, the team will complete the token transfer and assist you with syncing your credentials in the respective AlarmBiller or SedonaOffice Software. 

Step 3:  Upon completion, you can begin processing under the new MID and Forte will complete the process of closing your old MID.

   Please Note: Merchants are still responsible for responding to and handling any disputes chargebacks associated with their old MID, even if the account has been closed.

For more detailed information on the information above, including details related to credential syncing for your specific software version, click the relevant links below:

For any questions related to your software please contact your respective AlarmBiller or SedonaOffice software provider.

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