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What does the R51 reject code mean?

Forte flags transactions as R51 when transaction items or transaction volume exceed the thresholds that Forte has established for a particular Merchant ID. Many times, items that are initially flagged as an R51 are allowed to be processed if a Risk Manager can approve the items; however, if a Risk Manager is not able to approve the transactions before the end-of-day process, the items will reject.

If you are concerned with future items rejecting as R51, contact Risk Management and let them know that you've had some items reject as R51 and would like to have an account review. Risk will evaluate the thresholds that have been established for your account for a potential increase. In the meantime, the you should resubmit the rejected R51 items for processing. Forte can also resubmit R51 transactions on your behalf. To speak with Risk Management, call 469-675-9920 x8603.

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